[Download] T3 Live – Algorithmic Rules of Trendlines

Instead of grinding out a modest income, a small group of traders have discovered a unique system to draw trend lines.

These new Algorithmic Rules of Trend lines could reward you with a bigger P&L, no matter what your trading experience.

Finally free yourself from the chaos.

Stop playing a game that’s rigged for you to lose.

Using the new Algorithmic Rules of Trend Lines you avoid getting whipped around like a pinball machine and start placing trades with confidence.

Famed trader Jesse Livermore said “Identify the correct lines of least resistance, and you will find fortune’s formula…”

This is the key, Drawing the correct trend lines.

You may be familiar with classic technical analysis, but most of today’s trading methods were created almost 80 years ago!

Times change. The markets changes and you need a new way to create steady cash flow.

The new Algorithmic Rules of Trend Lines are the modern door to success. And Mark Melnick would like to give you the key.


In short, thanks to a lifelong pursuit of trading mastery, Mark has discovered a new way to draw trend lines that produces a reliable cash flow from the markets.

The best part?
There’s no complicated indicators to learn.

The new Algorithmic Rules of Trend Lines picks the true bottoms and tops for stocks.

Knowing the “true” top and bottom gives you an edge not possible with moving averages.

This edge works because of the massively favored parameters that Mark has developed through years of trial and error.

These new rules maximize your risk/reward by following where the algorithms are buying and selling (Also known as “black boxes”).

This all-new criteria helps maintain and build your discipline as you patiently wait for your stock to reach the the optimized price.

Mark’s system enhances the technical analysis you already use, by adding a new twist to an old tool.

After working more than two decades in the trading industry, Mark feels without hesitation that this is your best bet to simplify the market.

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