[Download] Price Action TradingProgram

Price Action Trading Program – 6h of playtime

Learn To Trade The Financial Markets Using A Modern Price Action Trading Strategy

The program is a comprehensive trading course in video format.

Split into 9 modules with around 40 videos it’s a detailed guide to trading price action including;

Looking at the markets differently, how to set yourself apart from other traders
How to look at and assess current price position – is the trade worth the risk?
Interpreting supply and demand and spotting imbalances
Where are the hidden trading opportunities?
When should I not be trading?
Hunting momentum ignition – when price is about to trend
Using a filters and trigger process for optimum trade performance
Grading your trades (for aggressive traders)
Fundamental catalysts to look out for
Specific strategies within Momentum Ignition and Price Exhaustion categories
What do triggers look like on a short term price chart?
How to capitalise on institutional orderflow?
Your 30 day action plan to keep your trading moving forward

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