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What is Phantom Trading?

Let me ask you:

Do you feel lost when analyzing the market?

Not understanding what’s causing price to move?

Not knowing where price is headed and most importantly why?

How are we supposed to get involved if we can’t properly forecast what’s going to happen next?

The aim of Phantom Trading is to simplify trading using a supply & demand / institutional trading methodology… and to help you truly understand price action so you know how to get involved in setups accurately and effectively, repeatedly.

Confidence IN & consistency WITH your strategy is the UNLOCK to success in trading.

We cover concepts such as market structure, expectational order flow, liquidity, inducement, mitigation and more… as well as in depth trading psychology material as we know that mindset too plays a MAJOR role in your success as a trader.

Collectively, our team of funded trading coaches has over 50+ years of experience in the markets.

Rest assured, we’ve made every possible mistake on the charts and learned from them so that our students don’t have to.

Once you see how we trade and you realize the opportunity here trading this way… you won’t want to go elsewhere.

If you’ve been following us on Instagram you’ll likely have seen some of our student results.

It’s not unheard of for our members to hit 10-100R DAYS let alone months while maintaining safe risk management.

Have a look through our Instagram story highlights if you’re skeptical! All of the proof is there and more is being posted daily.

Looking to get your start in trading OR get your trading dialled in for those of you with experience?

Join over 1,700 members who are actively trading the Phantom strategy right now, pulling consistent profits from the markets with confidence as they pursue large capital funding and full time trading.

  • Phantom course & methodology on our brand new members platform
  • Weekly market commentary videos breaking down our top pairs
  • Weekly live Zoom meetups with Q&A
  • 24/7 support and mentorship from our team of funded coaches (best support in the industry)
  • Exclusive access to our 1,700+ member Discord community
  • Discuss analysis and share trade ideas in dedicated chat channels (fast replies)
  • Trade ideas posted daily by the team across our top pairs to help you mark up your own charts and learn + earn faster 
  • 1000’s of team + member chart case studies available for study inside our Discord
  • Video trade recaps and chart markups from our founders and coaches
  • Psychology mastery training series + an in-house trading psychologist to help you develop a bulletproof mindset
  • Downloadable pdfs, resources and quizzes to help you drill in the strategy
  • Capital funding opportunities through our partnerships (+ Phantom fund coming 2021)
  • In-depth “zero to funded” roadmap to help you get the absolute most out of your phantom membership
  • And more being added every month!

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