[Download] Learn Cryptocurrency on Binance for Beginners

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn the basics of Cryptocurrency and about new solid altcoins
  • Learn to buy, trade, and sell cryptocurrencies on Binance
  • Become comfortable with using the binance platform on mobile and desktop
  • About other cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets & how to transfer crypto to them
  • How to Earn Interest on your Cryptocurrency


  • Signing up to the Binance platform will be very beneficial
  • A budget of at least $50 US to start buying, trading, and staking crypto to follow along in the course


Binance is one of the largest Cryptocurrency exchanges in the world by trading volume. They have some of the largest collection of cryptocurrency coins to purchase from Bitcoin, dogecoin, to even bittorrent. Binance is also offers a wide range of diverse investment products for fixed staking and flexible savings if you want to earn interest. If you want to test the waters of decentralized app’s and finance you can use exchanges like Pancake swap. Binance can be an overwhelming exchange at first for beginners. Our job is to provide you practical tutorials so you can do the basics:

  • Fund you Accounts
  • Send & Receive Cryptocurrency on Binance
  • Purchase, Convert, and Sell Cryptocurrency
  • Learn about stablecoins, Ethereum Wallet
  • Start Earning Interest on your Cryptocurrencies
  • Learn to Set Limit Orders for your Cryptocurrency
  • What are the differences between different cryptocurrency exchanges
  • An introduction to BNB and BUSD Stablecoins
  • An Introduction to the Binance Smart, Metamask Wallet, and how to swap your coin on the Pancake Swap
  • A dedicated section on the hardware wallet

This is an accessible course for beginner Cryptocurrency investors that want step by step tutorials that will help them get started on of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. As a Canadian we will offer some lessons specifically for Canadians in terms of funding and cashing out, but will also try to offer lessons for our American and international students.

**We also plan to update our course on the upcoming Binance NFT (Non Fungible Token ) platform that is planned to be released later in June 2021

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to cryptocurrency

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