[DOWNLOAD] Jarrod Goodwin – Road to Consistent Trading Profits

[DOWNLOAD] Jarrod Goodwin – Road to Consistent Trading Profits

Road to Consistent Profits might change your perspective of mechanical trading which no longer works as machine running. The core and benefits are pointed out so you can understand how mechanical trading is built up. It takes thorough research and understanding of individual market behaviour for the pattern recognition.

Mechanical trading has been designed to implement autopilot with the pre – set triggers, which might be mistaken for passive trading. Road to Consistent Profits walks you through the ingredients for a robust mechanical strategy. The elaboration of the common strategies, such as S&P 500, EUR/JPY, GBP/USD, etc., helps you understand more.

Moreover, you are instructed how to implement the proper back – test to decide whether a strategy works or not. The useful testing softwares are consequently recommended in the Road to Consistent Profits. Risk is familiar in the trading market, which leads to the instruction of Stop – Loss.

All About You
Mechanical Trading
Mechanical Strategies
Your Mechanical Strategies
Common Trading Mistakes
Position Sizing
Trading Psychology
Record Keeping
Bonus Section

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