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My name is Adam Khoo.

Thank you for visiting my page.
I believe you’re reading this right now because you believe you deserve success… and you’re looking for that powerful, effective strategy to bring out the best in yourself and achieve that life & career breakthrough you’ve always wanted.
“Does this sound like you?”

I know I have the potential to achieve so much more in my life. But I lack the motivation to do what it takes and always end up procrastinating.

I’m pursuing an important goal in my life right now, but I can’t seem to get the results I want. I’m really BURNT OUT by all the stress and some days I just feel like giving up.

Whenever I want to go for a challenge, I end up giving excuses, telling myself “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not cut out for this”, “What will others think of you” etc. I’m sick of losing opportunities because of all these fear!

I constantly hear negative remarks from my clients, boss and loved ones. It makes me feel lousy about myself. I wish I had the confidence to overcome these feelings of self-doubt.

Competition is stiff — I know I need to constantly upgrade myself to gain a career advantage over my peers and take action before they do!

I feel stuck & stagnant in my life. I want to learn a powerful skill set that can fast track my career to the next level and increase my paycheck as quickly as possible.

If you’re nodding along to any of these points… know that you’re not alone! I was EXACTLY like that many years back!

As you read on, I’m going to show you how you can apply the “Patterns of Excellence” to cut off those habits that stop you from doing your best, empower your mind, and become the positive, confident & success-driven person you’ve always wanted to be.
How I Went from an Underachieving Loser to Asia’s Top Success Coach by Unlocking the Power of My Mind with NLP™

When I was in Primary 3, I was expelled from school for being a “problem kid”. My parents had to beg other schools’ principals to take me in.

I HATED studying. I found it boring and struggled to learn. In school, I was a loner and refused to mingle with others.

I was what people would call a “si-geena“. A rebellious child who did nothing but play games and wreak havoc.

Because of my rock-bottom grades and “heck-care” attitude, my teachers labelled me “slow, forgetful, lazy”.

My parents were exasperated.

All my step-siblings were overachievers from elite schools. I was the black sheep in the family.

I can still remember the pain in my mother’s eyes when I was rejected by all my six school choices after PSLE.

I was a hopeless case. “You’re a good-for-nothing,” I told myself.

But just as I thought my life was destined for failure, this amazing thing happened that completely changed my life…

In a last ditch effort of hope, my father sent me for a personal success programme. The experience opened my eyes to this amazing thing known as “Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)”.

Like an instruction manual to my brain, it taught me the secret to unlock my BEST SELF by consciously changing the words I spoke and gaining total control over my thoughts and emotions.

I was INTRIGUED by the power of our human mind.

I reflected on my life. I realised that thru my constant failures, I had started to believe I was a good-for-nothing.

Little did I know that I was falling into the trap of self-doubt and limiting beliefs — subconsciously accepting that I was a loser who would never amount to anything great.

Once I realised that I was the one creating all my failures, I told myself I had the personal power to turn things around.

I began to take MASSIVE ACTION towards greatness.

I started by “reprogramming” my negative thoughts and behaviour. I had this crippling habit of telling myself “I can’t do it”. “I’m not cut out for this.” “I’m not good enough.” “Let’s wait and see.” It was making me feel lousy and stopping me from doing my best.

By applying the secrets I learnt in NLP, I transformed from a lazy, unmotivated and underachieving loser to a confident, positive and driven person who deserved to succeed.

Remember when we were young…
and wished to have superhero powers just like Superman?

I discovered that we are all superheroes in our own right — because each and every one of us owns a very powerful asset known as “the brain”. All we need to do is know how to unlock the potential of our mind and we can achieve amazing feats.

Thru years of hard work, I developed the “Patterns of Excellence” to take charge of my life, direct my thoughts with laser precision, and gained the focus and confidence to pursue my goals and dreams.

And the rest of it is history.

I became the first student in my secondary school to achieve 6 points for O Levels. I went to Victoria JC, scored straight A’s, and got accepted in the Talent Development Programme at NUS.

Did life become a smooth sail after I learnt NLP?


I continued to encounter failures.

Have you ever believed in a goal whole-heartedly, only to have your dreams crushed when someone told you “You can’t do it”?

In fact, the bigger the goals I set for myself, the more I got slapped in the face.

When I wrote my first book, I Am Gifted, So Are You, I was brutally rejected by nine publishers.

“Your ideas are interesting… but your writing sucks.” “Your book is not commercially viable.”

But because of what I learnt in NLP, I was able to “flip that switch” and turn my obstacles into opportunities. “Now’s the time for you to perfect your manuscript,” I told myself.

So I spent two years rewriting the book, and used my NLP skills to sell my idea to various stakeholders.

Eventually, I became a #1 bestselling author at 24 years old. Two years later, I made national news headline when I earned my first million dollars.

Today, I am financially free and living my dream of helping others to succeed.

Now, I’m not sharing all these very personal details to impress you with my “success story”.

My message to you is this:

You see, our mind holds unlimited potential. We were all born with the ability to perform at our best, challenge our limits, pursue our dreams and make this world a better place.

But many of us resign to an average life because, somewhere along the road, we stopped believing we have what it takes to succeed.

As we faced constant criticism from our bosses, rejections and snide remarks from our clients, unloving words from our family… we started to believe we are mediocre.

We look at the successful people and say, “He’s different. He’s talented.” “They’re born in a rich family. I have nothing.” “It’s too late to try.”

These negative self-talk don’t empower us — they only serve to reinforce the false belief that we can’t do it.

When I look back on my life, I still find it amazing that I was once on the brink of giving up. It was only when I made that ONE powerful decision to shift my mindset, did my life start to change its course.

NLP truly was the turning point in my life.

It shifted my paradigm from hesitating, worrying, complaining, blaming… to taking action.

And it didn’t stop there.

Even now, I still use NLP day after day to supercharge every aspect of my life…

  • When I’m dog-tired after 12 hours of work and need to be my best self for my wife and daughters at home…
  • When I’m suffering from jet lag but have to go into peak state because people are waiting to hear my presentation…
  • When I have to boost my staff’s morale and motivate them to step out of their comfort zones…
  • When I need to convince a valuable business partner to join my cause…
  • When I meet with “failures” and tell myself, “It’s okay! That’s a learning experience!”

… and over the years I have been fortunate to share these skills with thousands of people like you who seek success.

And that’s why I’m here to share this powerful tool with you — so that you too can apply these strategies I used to achieve breakthrough results in your life, career, finance, health and relationships that would amaze even yourself!

So if you’re tired of shortchanging yourself and want to learn how to bring out your BEST potential… I invite you to come for the “Patterns of Excellence” workshop where you will learn exactly what NLP is, and how to use it to supercharge your life.


You Will Learn At the Patterns of Excellence Workshop

Discover the
“Ultimate Success Formula”

Why are some people able to keep bouncing back from failure and pursue success no matter what it takes? Find out this powerful roadmap that all successful leaders and top performers in the world use to achieve breakthrough results in their lives.

Overcome the “Procrastination Virus”

Develop and SUSTAIN the drive to act on your goals and create results at your PEAK state… even during your most unproductive hours and can’t-get-out-of-the-bed days.

Five Persuasive Language Patterns You Wish You Knew Sooner

Your words affect your outcomes. Discover what are the most compelling, powerful words you can use to win your boss, clients, partner and children over to your way of thinking… without them realising it!

Build Instant Rapport with Anyone

How do you get someone to like you within just 10 minutes of meeting? You will learn this little-known rapport-building technique (it works even on the most difficult & resistant people you’ve ever met!)

Develop UNSTOPPABLE Confidence

Is your fear of rejection crippling your performance? You will learn how to overcome your self-doubt and go for your career and business goals without that “little voice” holding you back

Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

A simple tip to swiftly GET RID of your constant negative self-talk such as “I can’t do it”, “I’m not cut out for this”, “I’m too old”, “I’m not experienced enough” that are sabotaging your success.

Apply the “Power of Reframing”

Imagine if you could transform all your life’s setbacks and obstacles into golden opportunities… by learning how to flip that switch in your mind.

Design Your Life Action Plan

Discover what motivates you deep-down and what you truly want in your life… then learn to achieve your goals step-by-step with razor-sharp focus and crystal clarity.

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