DonHits EA

DonHits EA

I bring you Don hits an expert in aggressive trading, it is a Multidirectional system, it covers all times and all currencies, with a Drawdown control

this system uses one of my Martingale logics with a follow-up of what happens in a lower time and in a greater time, it will also be decided if it is necessary to intervene in the Drawdown, I know that many do not like the martin or edge system because they use inadequate risk and do not have risk control, Don Hits is different since it is a system designed for the aggressive market to have daily profits with control of the price direction , you can see my signal and draw your conclusions, it is a logic implemented to know how to handle changes in market direction and be constantly on the path, these systems can have a high Drawdown, that is why they have an internal system designed to control that Remember that Martins are the ones that produce the most profits on the market.

an aggressive system using advanced techniques for grid trading, managing the entire market, it is possible to enter with don hits, since the most advanced in techniques is the protection of controlling either the entry and exit, that is, we will enter in one aggressively but with a rigorous and complex system of constant cumulative defenses

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