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CRYPTOWZRD is your place for Crypto Education, news, market updates, trade calls & the WZRD Platform. Our goal is to enlighten the world on how to generate a continuous profit from the cryptocurrency market and better themselves in all aspects of their life. Freedom for all.



Introducing the WZRD Platform, a custom web app developed in house with over 100 features. The WZRD Platform is home to an abundance of trading tools and educational content designed to transform the way you trade and live. Within the WZRD Platform we have the WZRD Education section, packed with a variety of different types of lessons, books, exams & more, this section provides you with everything you need to become a profitable trader.

Being a profitable trader now is great, but being a profitable trader forever is better. As time goes on markets, techniques and strategies change often leaving traders who can’t keep up in the dust. Evolve by Cryptowzrd, the WZRD Platform has been designed to never age, it’ll be forever upgrading with new educational content, strategies and features.


Learning to conquer the art of trading and investing in the cryptocurrency market couldn’t be easier with us WZRDs. Home to 86 videos across seven chapters, you’ll be shown an entirely new world of cryptocurrency trading. The answers you’ve needed, how to catch those perfect sniper entries, how to grow a portfolio with ease, how to utilise stop losses to minimise risk and combine new strategies together to achieve long-term profitability. Learn to read the charts from all timeframes and have your portfolio growing in line with your margin trades.

That’s not all. The WZRD Education section has all angles covered. The Educational section alone houses 300+ examination questions and 9 books stored away in the Library. Each book teaches you the inner workings of the human mind and how to use this to become a dangerously accurate trader. All 3 educational avenues are interlinked with one another, allowing you to learn a skill for life much faster than the average. You will be brought on a journey of all-rounded growth that goes far beyond just trading.

Piece together the missing pieces of the puzzle to your trading and get ready to see revolutionary strategies and investment ideologies to take into the market and start generating an additional income. The books will show you annotated write ups of raw candlestick recognition to combine with your videos for easier learning. The main course book exceeding 31,000 words will teach you how to elevate your mindset and become emotionless on the charts, regardless of wins or losses.


The WZRD Chat is your go-to source for the latest ongoings in the world of cryptocurrency. Each and every day the WZRD Chat will be consistently updated, whenever and wherever the market requires coverage. You’ll be taught an expansion of topics such as crucial risk management strategies, stop loss tricks, intra-day and longer-term trade strategies, frequent coverage on mastering psychology and of course the latest, most impactful fundamental news. This additional stream of content is designed to work in line with your course education.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, the WZRD chat will be able to keep you one-step ahead of the market at all times. Take the stress away from trading and have 24/7 guidance right from your mobile phone.


From live exchange rates to real-time market cap movements and BTC dominance tracking, the WZRD Trading Essentials has every tool that you need to achieve long-term profitability as a trader and investor. The Traders Hub alone will blow you away with how many different vibrant graphs, charts and other analytics are showing crucial crypto market data like never seen before. Track the BTC Dominance, Market Cap, Total Trading Volume and even the order books of your favourite exchange in real-time, whilst still being able to manage your portfolio just a finger click away.

In a market as wild as crypto, every second counts, which is why WZRD Trading Essentials provides everything in real-time to ensure you’re gaining early access to the data that will get you in the market at the best price. Having access to so much live data enables you to catch moves way ahead of time and capture those pinpoint entries to maximise profits whilst still having a very small stop loss.

To become successful in this field, you need to treat trading like a full-time job. The Trading Essentials will enable you to manage your holdings and diversification, whilst utilising the likes of the BTC Geo Heatmap to find critical turning points in the market and identify danger ahead of time.

The WZRD Assistant is designed to become your home away from home. Everything you need to stay on track of your personal life and the market can be obtained immediately upon logging into the Platform. Keep your personal life running as smooth as your trades with the helping hand of the WZRD Assistant. They call the elite the 1% because they do exactly the opposite of what the 99% do. The WZRD Assistant enables you to be the admin of your life and adopt the routines of the 1%. Your calendar and to do list should be your daily diary, where every day you set yourself goals to be accomplished. Finish the day a winner as you log into your Platform and see your tasks marked complete and your upcoming events already scheduled in, so you’re in control of your life at all times.

Home to the WZRD Wednesdays and WZRD Podcast weekly series. This series was built with every WZRD in mind and that’s why each and every episode we take a topic of your choice and create a valuable lesson out of it. WZRD Wednesdays will ensure you’re fully equipped for the week ahead by guiding you through the most profitable buy and sell regions, areas of danger, and a full breakdown of BTC and XRP. By the end of the episode you’ll be ready to monetise any move the market makes next. Each lesson or podcast always finalises with a motivational or thought-provoking topic to give the extra push you need to reach your goals.

Whether you want the latest market insights or you want the to see exactly how to break apart a candlestick chart piece by piece, WZRD Wednesdays gives you the tools to join the 1% without the trials and tribulations.

The podcast will have you back in touch with yourself and discovering exciting new topics far beyond just cryptocurrencies. You’ll discover the correlations of the world being tied with cryptocurrencies and how external factors can also influence your trades and life. To be the best you must become the best version of yourself first.

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