Crypto & Forex Trading Course – By TCE Trading Download

Hello traders and potential future traders, my name is Patrick Maldonado. I am the Creator of TCE Trading and the host of  the podcast “Money Talk with Patrick”.

My course is aimed to teach you all the basics regarding how to trade the different financial markets. Differently from other courses, this course will teach you the best practices and a golden standard process that you can use for any market. It does not matter whether you want to trade the stock market, forex, or cryptocurrencies; this course will cover the basic principles of the different financial markets so you can decide which one to focus on.

While other courses force you to adjust to a specific market or trading style, the AB Trading course by TCE Trading will show you the different variables and styles in trading so that you can develop your own successful style. From my 7+ years of experience in trading, I have noticed that trading other people’s systems does not work as they might not be suited for your individual lifestyle or risk tolerance. For this reason, I share my personal strategies and trading methods so that you can modify them and make them yours.

During the course, you will learn the basics of the financial markets and technical analysis. Furthermore, you will be learning correct risk management and trading psychology. In my opinion, these two parts are essential if you want to become a successful trader. The course ends with a chapter about strategy planning and backtesting. During this chapter, you will learn how to create your own strategy and how to do a statistical analysis in order to prove that you have an edge on the market.

The course presented to you is the work of hundreds of hours and feedback from several of my students. My wish is to disrupt the trading industry as there is a lot of misleading marketing trying to take your money. For this reason, my aim is to make this course as affordable as possible while also making it better over time. This means that additional lectures that may be added will always be at no extra cost to you!

Trading is a legitimate business opportunity and a skill that you can learn in order to generate either a secondary income or a full-time living. Even though trading can be simple and straightforward, it is not easy and can be overwhelming without a good mentor. If you are eager to learn a new skill and determined to be successful, I will see you in the course lectures!

– Patrick Maldonado

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Traders or Newcomers to Trading.
  • New Traders and Intermediary level Traders who are not yet Consistently Profitable.
  • Traders who would like to work for a Proprietary Trading Firm.
  • People who are curious about Trading and would like to Learn a New Skill.

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