Cleopatra EA

I present the “Cleopatra EA” strategy, Cleopatra a beautiful and intelligent design, with a recovery form that is constantly adapting where its power is versatility
Its main strategy is to read the market in its elasticity, we will be able to analyze the entry range in different ways. This can be very dynamic as in different tf and different range, with handling of queries to the market news. Cleopatra has great power to adapt to the recovery of the market, her patterns are not fixed, we also have different types of protection, whether in percentage or floating, to be able to work under the rules of any propfirm account or mff, etc. It is optimized for EURUSD, but it can handle the entire market, it is a matter of adapting it to the market you need.

Supported currency pairs:  EURUSD, optional all market

Recommended timeframe: M15


  • One Chart Setup: you only need one chart to trade
  • Multiple currency pairs support
  • Solid backtest and live performance
  • No need to adjust GMT
  • Very easy to use: just read 3 lines of instructions below
  • Much cheaper than available high-quality alternatives

How to install

  • The EA must be attached to Any TF but M15 chart, EURUSD is recommended
  • If your broker uses a suffix (e.g. EURUSD.a) you should update names in the Symbol parameter in settings
  • Use recommended pairs only. You don’t need .set files, all settings are stored internally in the EA


  • Hedging account!
  • The EA is NOT sensitive to spread and slippage. But I advise using a good ECN broker
  • The EA should run on a VPS continuously
  • With only 1:30 leverage I advise not to use higher than low risk settings on a less than $3000 account, otherwise you might have problems with free margin. With 1:100 leverage it should be fine with up to significant risk setting on a $700 account

MM & Risk settings

  • Allow Opening a new Grid – on/off opening of new grids. It does not affect the already open grids
  • Lot-sizing Method – Auto calculate 1500 x 0.01 o Fixed lot you can use
  • Maximum Spread, in pips – maximal allowed spread
  • Maximum Slippage for a non-ECN acc, in pips – max allowed slippage
  • Allow Trading on Holidays – on/off Christmas/New Year trading filter
  • Maximum Drawdown Percent – if current floating drawdown exceeds the specified % the EA will close open positions


  • Reverse o Follow
  • TakeProfit for Initial Trade and auto ajust for group recovery
  • TakeProfit for Grid, in pips (weighted if zero) – take-profit for the grid. If zero, then TP is weighted, i.e. it is equal to TP of the initial order in money (not in pips!)
  • StopLoss for Grid, in pips (1000pips if zero) – stop-loss for the initial/grid trades
  • Hide Take Profits optional

Grid Recovery Adaptive settings

  • Trade Distance – min. step in pips between grid(averaging) trades
  • Multi x Recovery calculate nexts lots
  • Position Dinamic adaptive to enter new rule
  • Dinamic Adaptive step for N trade
  • Dinamic Adaptive Multi step

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