Boring Pips MT4

Boring Pips MT4

Boring Pips MT4 No DLL Download

Boring Pips undergoes a comprehensive and tailor-made optimization process called Anti-overfitting. This is a robust optimization process implemented to eliminate any influence of overfitting on the trading system, ensuring the generality of the constructed model. Please refer to the article linked in Part 2 above for a more in-depth look at this process.

Anti-overfitting process consists of 3 stages:

– Initial Optimization: This stage involves optimizing the Boring Pips using historical data from 2010 to 2019. The purpose of this phase is to test the initial premise of the trading strategy and extract the most robust parameters values.

– Walk-forward: In the second stage, the parameters that performed well in the first stage are tested using entirely new data ranging from 2019 to 2022. The objective is to ensure the trading system’s stability with fresh data and evaluate the predictive power of the model.

– Stress testing: Parameter values that pass the first two stages will undergo Stress testing. In this final test, a simulation algorithm is used to introduce variables like Noise and Lag to the initial entry and exit points (determined by the selected parameters from Walk-forward phase). The goal is to push the system beyond its ‘comfort zone’ and assess the system’s tolerance to random factors such as lag and noise.

Introduction to Boring Pips algorithm

Boring Pips trading system is a blend of cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms and classic trading strategies involving: momentum, supply – demand zones and Fibonaci retracement. Specifically, the EA employs an advanced formula based on deep learning algorithms to simultaneously measure the momentum of prices across 4 time-frames. This analysis helps identify instances where synchronization in the decline of price momentum at potential supply and demand zones, enabling the system to make informed trading decisions. The entire process, from signal scanning to entering and exiting positions, is completely automated in 4 steps:

– Step 1: An advanced algorithm is used to continuously scan the supply and demand zones, which are potential areas where prices are likely to react.

– Step 2: Boring Pips uses a sophisticated and unique algorithm created by artificial intelligence to detect any change in price momentum after a strong price movement across different time-frames.

– Step 3: The system makes trading decisions when the price loses momentum at previously identified supply and demand zones, predicting a reversal.

– Step 4: Boring Pips manages trades based on the probability distribution rule to ensure maximum exploitation of the trading edge that the entry point brings.

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