BGFX Trading Academy


BGFX Trading Academy

Welcome To BGFX Trading Academy (2:18)
FX Terminology (22:35)
Brokers (7:53)
Candlesticks (7:32)
Fibonacci (11:11)
Understanding Liquidity & Smart Money (17:11)
The M Formation (12:15)
The W Formation (12:56)
The Mastery Candle Formation (10:01)
The Wyckoff Theory (27:58)
Supply & Demand Part 1 (21:26)
Supply & Demand Part 2 (11:07)
Order Blocks Part 1 (30:30)
Order Blocks Part 2 (8:36)
GBPJPY Concept (7:20)
Lower Timeframe Precision (17:50)
EURUSD Breakdown (6:04)
AUDNZD Breakdown (6:33)
Candle Re-Prints (Forecast Each Individual Movement Of Price (13:00)
Sessions (9:49)
USDCAD Concepts (21:42)
How To Target Retail Liquidity (12:30)
Market Cycle Breakdown (21:07)
How To Catch The High & Low Of The Day (13:35)
Fibonacci Breakout (4:14)
Risk Management (12:07)
How To Backtest (7:45)
Live Backtesting Part 1 (GBPJPY) (42:42)
Live Backtesting Part 2 (Gold) (15:02)
Live Backtesting Part 3 (NZDCHF) (19:32)
Trade Breakdown 1 (14:09)
Trade Breakdown 2 (2:41)
Trade Breakdown 3 (2:34)
Trade Breakdown 4 (9:12)
Psychological Warfare (28:09)
text icon Ideal Manipulation M/W Structure , Wyckoff, And Order
EURUSD & GBPJPY Market Breakdown (42:21)
Wyckoff Bootcamp

Wyckoff Bootcamp Part 1 (32:46)

Wyckoff Bootcamp Part 2 (25:29)
Wyckoff Bootcamp Part 3 (15:06)
Wyckoff Bootcamp Part 4 (26:19)
Wyckoff Bootcamp Part 5 (5:43)
Wyckoff Bootcamp Part 6 (3:43)
Wyckoff Bootcamp Part 7 (22:34)


GBPJPY Bootcamp (106:36)

TOP Down Precision (45:44)

Welcome To BGFX Trading Academy

Whats up, Its BG! Lets get straight to the point. If your on this website you definitely want to take your trading to the next level.

My program is purely centered around doing that. No lambos, no lifestyle, no fluff.

This program is centered around seperating you from the pack of retail traders, and putting you on the path to long term success. If you are ready to unlearn what you want to know, and relearn what you need to know, this is the place to be.

Elevation requires seperation.

What BGFX Trading Academy Consist Of –

  • 5 Hour Long Trading Course Explaining My Full Strategy
  • Access To Future Updated Content Regularly
  • FX Signals
  • Chart Analysis & Trade Ideas
  • Exclusive Telegram Access
  • Ability To Personally Message Me At Anytime With Questions

Note – The BGFX Trading Academy Monthly Membership Will Give You Each Of These Above With One Month Of Access. The Lifetime Access Option Will Give You Lifetime Signals, As Well As Updated Content And Access To Message Me With Questions Until The Day I Retire From Day Trading, All For A Single One Time Fee. The Lifetime Option Is Perfect For Anyone Looking To Do This For The Long Term, Trade Full-Time & Gain Resourceful Knowledge Down The Line So You Can Improve As I Improve Completely Free Of Any Extra Charge.

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