Better System Trader – Breakout Strategies Masterclass – Swing Strategies Download

The ‘Breakout Strategies Masterclass’ will teach you the proven 8-step process to building profitable breakout strategies, including the ultimate ‘Breakout Smart Code’, time-saving breakout tools, a proven strategy creation process and advanced robustness testing techniques to build breakout strategies that actually work in live trading.

This is what students are saying about the Breakout Masterclass:

“I took the Masterclass in the second half of 2017 and my results have improved substantially.” 

-Bruno, United States Breakout Masterclass Student

…it’s a quite unique way in developing strategies.” 

-Patrick Dütsch, Switzerland Breakout Masterclass Student

“…I wished I had that at the beginning of my trading adventure.”

-Thomas, New Zealand Breakout Masterclass Student

I’m very, very thankful to you and Tomas, this is very good work.” 

-Maxim Schulz, 3rd place in World Cup Trading Championship 2017 Breakout Masterclass Student

Get access to the Breakout Masterclass now

The “Breakout Strategies Masterclass” is only available to Build E-mini Breakout Strategies Fast and 14 Day Breakout Challenge students.

If you decide to continue with the “Breakout Strategies Masterclass” after completing any of these two products, you will have the chance to upgrade at a reduced price. (The cost of the ‘Build e-mini breakout strategies fast’ or the ‘14 day breakout challenge’ programs will be deducted from the price of the “Breakout Strategies Masterclass” – saving you up to $297, for a limited time only)

If you already have the ‘Build e-mini breakout strategies fast’ or ‘14 day breakout challenge’ program, you can upgrade to the “Breakout Strategies Masterclass” (for a reduced price) on the dashboard in the “Breakout Trading” section.

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