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Volume Profiling with Strategy Development by Axia Futures offers how to understand the trading market, from the analysis of volume trading. Once you can read the market as an open book, you will see the market works in your favour. That is why mutual understanding needs a proactive approach. The overview of volume profiling including its definition and benefits is provided in the beginning modules of the course. The deep dives into this technical analysis to the strategy setups are developed from such a footing.

The principles to take the best out of Volume Profiles are dissected, including symmetry, day types, price behaviour, etc. There is an interesting comparison that you are trying to get a date with a girl, which requires you to do a little bit of ‘research’ to know what she is like; and Volume Profiling is one of the powerful methods for you to get closer approach to the market. As a result, you can develop the suitable strategies, which are put under the explicit instructions. Bracketing, Trending, Market Balance, Reversal Volume Profiling Strategies.

The playbooks are shown so you can keep your trading following the right track even in the choppiest conditions, which points out some special patterns of p – shape, b – shape German Bund, E-mini S&P 500 index, WTI oil, and so on. The theories, no matter how good they are, are still nothing without practical application. Volume Profiling with Strategy Development offers a free simulator trading platform where you can get the hands – on experience without undertaking any risks, but with the real vibes!

Axia Futures Continuously Updates for the Continuous Growth


In the fast – moving market, you might have been in a crisis… all the time. Futures trading should be done within the predetermined date, which increases the pressure even more. Axia Futures continuously updates for the continuous growth, which provides you with the proactive methods to get ahead and stay self – possessed regardless of how volatile the market is. Axia Futures develops the high – level knowledge and skills from the ultimate fundamentals, which paves the path of long – lasting trading success.

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