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I have spent the last five years actively trading the Forex market and coaching traders from all over the world on how to use my trading systems.

This course is the condensed and simplified version of how I am making money trading in the Forex Market every day.

“90% of traders lose 90% of their trading account within their first 90 days”

Do you know why this old saying still holds true?

It’s simple – The majority of new traders are all making the same mistake of not investing in proper education before they trading.

Most traders will fund their first account, jump into the market head first, and smack their face on the bottom of the pool because they spent zero time on education.

You’re here because you want to change your financial future.

If you’re audacious enough to ask for such a massive privilege, how could you expect to achieve it without an education?

Don’t be foolish, you’ll fail before you even begin.

You may be confused as to why traders lack proper education because there are hundreds of Forex education courses out there.

Today’s tech savvy world has opened the floodgates for people who look for shortcuts which creates a huge problem.

These “gurus” or “mentors” use social media to create and market courses with elementary information that has been repeated over and over again.

They push their service as a tool to get you to financial freedom without ever teaching you the skills that actually transform average humans into profitable trading machines.

You’re reading this because of the potential you see in Forex trading, so ask yourself…“if trading is valuable enough to change my life, is it really going to come to me as easy as the online marketer standing next to the rented Lambo is telling me it will?”

I’ll save you the time… the answer is no.

Hard work is required if freedom is what you’re searching for.

There are no shortcuts.

Instead of searching for the “holy grail”, focus your time and effort on learning how to become self sufficient in the market.

You don’t need signals.

You don’t need handouts.

You need solid education and that is what this course is going to bring you.

Course Topics

The History Of The Forex Market

Speaking The Language Of The Forex Market

Reading Fundamental Analysis

Proper Technical Chart Analysis Techniques

Two Different Entry & Exit Strategies with exact signals

A Profitable Risk Management Approach

Join me as I walk you through hundreds of trade examples, explaining the exact entry signals, exit signals, and risk management system that has led me to consistent profitability year after year.


I will continuously be updating the video library as time goes on.

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Course Curriculum

Welcome To The ASFX Course
  • Disclaimer – Please Read

  • Chapter 1 – Intro to Forex (23:19)

  • Chapter 2 – Forex Terminology (20:24)

  • Chapter 3 – Charting Tools (9:44)

  • Chapter 4 – Fundamental Analysis (10:26)

  • Chapter 5 – Technical Analysis (36:35)

  • Chapter 6 – Beginner Entry and Exit Strategy (39:38)

  • Chapter 7 – Advanced Entry and Exit Strategy (Part 1) (55:08)

  • Chapter 8 – Advanced Entry & Exit Strategy (Part 2) (52:17)

  • Chapter 9 – Get ed Trading (12:08)

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Live Webinars
  • Building Your Risk Profile | 8.21.19 (26:46)

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