Algo trading and strategy development is hard, no question. But, does it really have to be so hard?

The answer is “NO!” – if you follow the right approach, and get the right advice.

Enter Champion Algo Trader Kevin Davey, and his book “Algo Trading Cheat Codes.” In this groundbreaking book, Kevin reveals results of his research over millions of strategy backtests. He provides 57 “cheat codes” – tips you can use to build algo strategies faster and with more confidence.

Some of the questions answered in this book:

Is algo trading getting harder, and if so, what specific things can you do to make it easier?

Is there an optimum reward to risk ratio for trade management, as many people claim?

What bar size is the most amenable to creating algo strategies?

Is exiting after a certain number of profitable closes, or unprofitable closes, a viable option for algo strategies?

What mean reversion techniques work best?

Is there a way to incorporate macro trends (bull,bear,flat) into your trading strategy?

What exit is the best?

How can your algos protect you during times of market uncertainty?


You can go it alone, or you can take advantage of the cutting edge research by one of the world’s premier retail algo traders. These “cheat codes” can easily save you significant time and money!

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