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It’s backed by an intelligence technique that five presidents have relied on.
And it’s the driving force behind a tool I’ve personally created to predict terrorist attacks for the CIA and department of defense.

And now, for the first time ever, it could be used to take the guesswork out of trading – potentially handing you the precise moments to buy and sell. for long-term gains as high as 1,616% over and over.

Dear Reader,

Hi, Jim Rickards here.

Right Now I’m going to introduce you to a true breakthrough.

It’s my simple, proprietary timing indicator that even a 6-year old child could instantly spot.

I call it the “Kissinger Cross” – named after Henry Kissinger, the former Secretary of State. I’ll explain why I’ve named this indicator in his honor in a moment.

And while Henry Kissinger hasn’t endorsed what you’re about to see, spotting these “Kissinger Crosses” in the financial markets can hand-deliver you THREE big advantages over every other investor:

First, you could be able to see the biggest and fastest potential investment gains – months before they happen.
Second, you can routinely get the chance to capture repeatable gains as high as 1,616%.
And third, you could make up to 16x your money in a way that can be safer than how most people trade stocks.

Safer Than Simply Buying
Expensive Stocks Outright

Everything I’ve shown you today involved two layers of my investment strategy:

First, the Kissinger Cross indicator I’ve been showing you today.

Second, a specific type of investment that the Kissinger Cross works best with.

Used together, I believe this dual layer is safer than how most people trade stocks or bonds.

That’s because the way I use the Kissinger Cross gives you embedded leverage.

That means that every $1 you invest can return many, many times your money.

In fact, your upside potential with this type of investment is unlimited.

But your risk and downside is always known and limited.

That’s the kind of risk/reward you want in an investment.

Meanwhile, most investors continue using a traditional buy and hold method with stocks.

That means they’re totally at the mercy of the wildly swinging up and down markets.

But when you use the Kissinger Cross method I recommend you could be in and out with precision strike profits.

Here’s what I recommend you do right now.
The Three-Steps You Need to Start Using
Kissinger Crosses Today

There are only a three things you’ll need today to begin using Kissinger Crosses for big gains.

They are.

– An common online brokerage account.
– Likely as little as $500 in that brokerage account.
– And something completely new that I’m going to share with you right now.

As I mentioned earlier, our beta-testing phase is complete – proving once and for all that the system can work to spot real-time movements that could quickly double your money or more.

That’s why I’ve decided to start a brand new research service called Jim Rickards’ Intelligence Triggers.

Its goal is simple:

To deliver a small, serious group of readers new Kissinger Cross triggers to your inbox as soon as they happen.

Today I’m letting you try this new service nearly risk-free .

Here’s how it works.

STEP 1: First, I’ll overlay all the current charts to find Kissinger Crosses appearing on specific investments in the market.

STEP 2: Then, I’ll find the simplest way to play them for big gains. I’m talking about money making trading opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.

STEP 3: Finally, I’ll send you emails – sometimes as often as once a week, with the exact instructions on how to play these opportunities. the exact set-up, what trade to make, and when to get in and out safely and easily for the most gains.

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