Advanced Real Forex Trading Download

What you’ll learn

  • Everything needed to become successful in trading Forex, Futures, CFDs, Stock Indices & Cryptocurrency
  • Step by step, clear trading rules for entry, exit & position sizing. No guesswork.
  • Multiple years of trade examples and real time, live trading without makeovers.
  • How to create and follow a solid trading plan to reach your profitability goals.


  • Basic knowledge of Forex terminology, Forex rules, order types and charting software.
  • Strong desire to study, practice and learn.


  • Advanced, hands on trading course for Forex, Stock Indices, Futures, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies, etc.
  • Step by step, clear trading rules for entry, exit & position sizing.
  • Methods for End of Day and Intra Day trading.
  • Many real trading examples with real results and live trading.
  • Daily trading analysis routine – No trading ambiguity.
  • Challenges prohibiting trading success, how to overcome and become a professional trader.
  • Practical trading methodology, anyone can use, acquired from 30 years trading experience.
  • Basic Forex knowledge required. Trading experience not necessary.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who have completed a beginner’s Forex or trading course and want to learn hands-on, real trading.
  • Intermediate to advanced traders who want to learn a structured, profitable approach to trading the markets.
  • Anyone who wants to watch real live trading without make overs!

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