Ace the Trading Systems Developer Interview (C++ Edition) Download

Top 3 reasons why a software engineer might be interested to work at financial firms in the capital markets area
1) work with top Hedge Funds, Investment Banks, HFT firms, Algorithmic Trading firms, Exchanges, etc.
2) implement smart algorithms and build low-latency, high-performance and mission-critical software with talented engineers
3) earn top compensation

This book will help you with interview preparation for landing high-paying software engineering jobs in the financial markets industry – Hedge Funds, Banks, Algo Trading firms, HFT firms, Exchanges, etc.

This book contains 120+ questions with solutions/answers fully explained. Covers all topics in breadth and depth. Questions that are comparable difficulty level to those asked at top financial firms. Resources are provided to help you fill your gaps.

Who this book is for:
1)This book is written to help software developers who want to get into the financial markets/trading industry as trading systems developers operating in algorithmic trading, high-frequency trading, market-making, electronic trading, brokerages, exchanges, hedge funds, investment banks, and proprietary trading firms. You can work across firms involved in various asset classes such as equities, derivatives, FX, bonds, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, among others.
2)This book serves the best for programmers who already know C++ or who are willing to learn C++. Due to the level of performance expected from these systems, most trading systems are developed in C++.
3) This book can help you improve upon the skills necessary to get into prestigious, high paying tech jobs at financial firms. Resources are provided. Practice questions and answers help you to understand the level and type of questions expected in the interview.

What does this book contain:
1)Overview of the financial markets trading industry – types of firms, types of jobs, work environment and culture, compensation, methods to get job interviews, etc.
2)For every chapter, a guideline of what kind of topics are asked in the interviews is mentioned.
3)For every chapter, many questions with full solutions/answers are provided. These are of similar difficulty as those in real interviews, with sufficient breadth and depth.
4)Topics covered – C++, Multithreading, Inter-Process Communication, Network Programming, Lock-free programming, Low Latency Programming and Techniques, Systems Design, Design Patterns, Coding Questions, Math Puzzles, Domain-Specific Tools, Domain Knowledge, and Behavioral Interview.
5)Resources – a list of books for in-depth knowledge.
6) FAQ section related to the career of software engineers in tech/quant financial firms.

Upsides of working as Trading Systems Developer at top financial firms:
1)Opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies.
2)Opportunity to work with quants, traders, and financial engineers to expand your qualitative and quantitative understanding of the financial markets.
3)Opportunity to work with other smart engineers, as these firms tend to hire engineers with a strong engineering caliber.
4)Top compensation with a big base salary and bonus, comparable to those of FAANG companies.
5)Opportunity to move into quant and trader roles for the interested and motivated.

This book will be your guideline, seriously cut down your interview preparation time, and give you a huge advantage in landing jobs at top tech/quant firms in finance.

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