2021: Learn Algorithmic Trading in One Day Download


Hi there, we are Sami Sebai and Sajid Lhessani. Both of us are working as a data scientist for various banks here in London, and we have both gone a long way before arriving at our current position in the market.

Do you wish to become a data scientist or algorithmic trader and build yourself a strong portfolio? This course will allow you to develop your Python skills tutored by professionals. You will be able to add Trading Technical Analysis and Algorithmic Trading to your CV and start getting paid for your skills.

  • Tyler: “At time of writing, I have completed close to 100% of this course. The course my first introduction to Python, Numpy, Pandas, and Plotly, as well as using each of them to write technical indicators. Overall I think it was helpful and worth the money.

In this course, you will learn how to build, automate, and deploy your algorithmic trading strategy using Python. Furthermore, using these algorithms, you will be able to perform predictive analysis of the stock market and cryptocurrency.

  • Siraj: This course is very clearly delivered and very informative. I’ve learned a lot about algo trading and brushed up on my Python skills in the process. It’s amazing learning from experts who have experienced their own successes from the trading techniques that they teach. It’s also really helpful that this course is ‘End-To-End’. That is, they take use from the basics all the way to actually implementing the algorithms in real life.Very much looking forward to future courses from these guys!

What you will learn from this course:

– Plot impressive professional chart guided by an experienced data scientist to be able to present it to client or friend.

– Learn how to import market data.

– Getting connected to the US stock exchange live and get market data with less than one-second lag. (The only course of proposing this option).

– Develop your first trading strategies on Python such as Ichimoku Kinko Hyo or Bollinger Bands with Live Trading Examples. (The only course of proposing this option).

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python developers curious about algorithmic trading.
  • Beginner Python developers curious about data science.
  • Finance student
  • Quants

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